About our company

Just as Swiss watches are considered the world standard in watchmaking, the Swiss screw machining process that was developed to manufacture the components of those watches is the unquestioned standard of the precision parts industry.

SadevTeq was founded on the French-Swiss border back in 1938, and much like its watch-making neighbors,the company has continuously advanced the frontiers of Swiss manufacturing.

As increasing demand led to worldwide expansion, SadevTeq entered the US market in the mid-1970s. Today, the company serves a wide range of customers from New York to California, providing fast and efficient service through its local office in Cleveland, Ohio.

From early Swiss machining to cam-driven production and to CNC-controlled technology, SadevTeq has established a long and proven track record for providing turned parts that consistently meet customers’ demands for miniaturized components built to extremely tight tolerances – while assuring on-time delivery and expert customer service.


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