Quality in design and engineering

As an expert of custom turned components, SadevTeq believes the most important part of any job is to clearly understand the customer’s objectives. That’s why our specialists will work with your team to assure that planning, cost and production management are all directed toward achieving the results you need to meet your requirements. For fast and knowledgeable response, our experts have the technical skill and applications experience, to help you.

Quality in manufacturing management

SadevTeq company is ISO 9001:2015 and NF EN 9120 certified. Our proven quality management system delivers quality assurance, consistent tolerances, strict traceability, and reliable batch control at every step of the process.

Quality in delivery

As a global supplier since 1938, SadevTeq has an in-depth knowledge of local procedures and protocols on an international basis. Our focus is on optimising your products’ time to market, so we have logistics solutions that provide full coverage from purchasing to delivery, ensuring just in time fulfillment to a single site or to multiple designated locations across several continents.

Quality in service

In order to bring the standard of true Swiss screw machining to the world, SadevTeq has placed local contacts in key service areas around the globe. Our multiskilled, multilingual team offers the technical, commercial and international expertise to provide fast answers to your questions and quick response to your engineering, manufacturing or delivery needs. Contact your local representative for more information.

Supply Chain

Through the years, SadevTeq has learned that the best way to assure the highest standards of quality for our customers is to be responsible for every step in the process of technical expertise, production management and delivery. Therefore, we have set up a network in which we maintain control over the complete supply chain in order to deliver the highest levels of customer services, as shown here:

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